Relax. Call OHS.

Relax. Call OHS.


Low Maintenance Landscaping.



Beautiful and Simple.

Beautiful and Simple.

We’re all busy.

Work, Family, Life… who has time to garden? Many people answer that question “Not Me!!!”

When we tell them that they can have a beautiful landscape that requires very little work, they’re skeptics. They can’t believe that only two times a year they need to do outdoor work to keep their landscape looking beautiful.

Once established, many plants and shrubs don’t need a lot of care. A little clean up in the fall, and some pruning when they’re finished blooming and that’s it!

We design landscapes that are elegant, sophisticated, fit with your curb appeal and best of all, require little or no maintenance. And when they do, we build packages that include the first years maintenance… all in the price of the installation.

Save your time for the important things in life… let OHS create, install, and maintain your landscape.

Book your FREE, no obligation consultation and let’s get you back to living instead of working in the garden.