Water Wise Landscape

Water Wise Landscape

Waterwise Landscaping

Waterwise Landscapes

Xeriscape Landscapes

Waterwise? Xeriscaping? What the heck are they?

Water is a precious resource that many of us pay for and all of us are trying to find ways to conserve. Worse is that we pay for it coming into our homes and leaving our home in sewage surcharges. When you water your lawn, or your gardens, you’re paying for that water twice! How unfair is that?

If we can show you how to build a landscape that truly minimizes your water consumption and your water bill without compromising beauty, esthetics and curb appeal, wouldn’t that be awesome?

We can!

There is a feeling that landscapes need to be watered to produce beautiful long lasting blooms around our homes.

Did you know that there are plants that NEVER NEED to be watered except by the rainfall that Mother Nature provides?

We have been strong supporters of Waterwise Landscape Techniques and have been speaking about how to increase curb appeal using these techniques for many years. We know our stuff and speak annually at city run seminars, Canada Blooms, and have helped many homeowners reduce their water consumption by up to 25% annually.

Ask us how and when you’re ready to start saving water instead of abusing it, Contact us to arrange your first consultation, absolutely FREE!