ULTRA Low Maintenance Synthetics

Ideal for Estate and Executive Applications!


Landscape Applications

Tired of Mowing? This solution is for you!


Pet friendly Material

Even Fido LOVES Synthetic Turf!


Playground Applications

Soft landings on ultra clean surfaces!


Save Time and Money

Synthetics make your life easier!


Psssssst… OHS is “GROWING” something new…


It’s all the rage…

It’s Durable, clean, and GUARANTEED FOREVER!

It’s the ultimate in Low maintenance…

It never needs watering, fertilizing, or mowing.

Perfect for Outdoor Living Areas

It’s Fido Friendly. An ideal surface for pet training areas.

Useful for Playground spaces with ultra soft landings

Use it for Outdoor Yoga Studios… Athletic facilities have been using it for years

It’s a Perfect surface for around Pools and Hot Tubs…

It drains easily, and reduces mess and is easy to clean up!

Installations in about 2 days.

Can you guess what it is?



And it’s coming to OHS Landscape Group, Spring 2018… Interested?

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Synthetic Turf adds beauty to your outdoor environment,

Can save you time and money,

And creates a WOW factor for your Home!!