OHS Founder

We all know someone like our founder; a green thumb, a natural organizer, with a penchant for wit and a natural when it comes to customer service.

From the earliest days (and we’re talking a long time ago!!) Grant has had a knack for gardening, and neatness. In fact, when he was 10, he discovered the uniqueness of snapdragons. From that first summer season, and the multitude of colours that were produced, he’s been hooked on gardening and making front yards look good.

He quickly understood the nature of soils, how to make them better and quite by chance discovered that last years plants can easily become this years mulch! Always arguing with his parents about cleaning up the leaves in the yard, he would happily ride over them again and again until they were just little bits of leaf scrap. When his father caught him raking those bits into the garden, instead of making him rake them up again, he decided to just leave well enough alone. Of course, we know that those leaves ended up producing bigger blooms, healthier plants, and even more seeds. That summer led to a lifelong interest in all things green.


Although not degreed specifically in Horticulture, Grant spends hours reading gardening and landscape design books, attending lectures and presentations by professionals in the horticulture and landscaping industries, and is fairly proficient in pronouncing Latin names. At least he thinks so!

A former member of The Master Gardeners of Ontario, Grant continues to seek new friends and clients who share his passion for beautifying our planet.

From the earliest days of home ownership, he quickly recognized that people will pay more for a house that is appealing, is neat, tidy, and with the landscaping in a healthy and vibrant state. Painting the door, changing the lights, or cleaning up the driveway seemed to attract more people to the open houses he would hold. You’ll find Grant on many weekends still visiting open houses, and because he’s passionate about what he does, he’s often overheard talking to the Real Estate Agent about simple ways to increase curb appeal.

Being an entrepreneur and based on welcome feedback from his clients, he’s decided to relaunch and rebrand Outdoor Home Staging into OHS Landscape Group to help people beautify their homes, increase curb appeal, attract more buyers, generate higher offers and if he helps tidy up a few front and back yards along the way, he’ll be a happy guy.

Find out more about what makes this man tick by contacting him  and Schedule a free 30 minute consultation (seems he just can’t stop giving free advice) send a question to “Ask The Gardener, or give him a call to schedule him and his team to visit your home and help you create your own personal oasis.