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Let’s face it, even with a really clear idea about how you want your landscape to look, a picture can truly turn your imaginative concepts into reality. That’s where OHS really shines.

We can take a photo of your home and using our powerful software, convert that photo of your existing landscape into a design which truly emulates what you wish to accomplish. By stripping away the layers, old shrubs, trees, and a tired looking lawn, we create an entirely new view of your home with new plants, mulch, trees and even a new lawn.

You’ll see the soft and hard-scapes come alive before your eyes. It’s unbelievable how real the rendering is when placed side by side as a before and after view.

Click on the Design Images above to see just how powerful and realistic this process is. Grab the slider with your mouse and move it left to right. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Can’t see the images? Please refresh the page. The graphic is HD.

Clients love this option because with all the views available, they can imagine how their finished design will translate into the finished Landscape. At a fraction of the cost of most Landscape Architects drawings, these realistic views shows your home with your landscape.

Best of all, it’s free! You pay up front, and then get the money back on the final implementation cost. So if you book your installation with OHS, the cost of the design is deducted from the final invoice.

Ask us how you can get 4 views for the price of 3 if you wish to shop your design around with other landscape contractors. We understand it’s a big investment, but we’re so confident that our designs will wow you, that even our competition won’t be able to beat our price without compromising the elements and quality we put into each installation.

We love what we do, and it shows in every design we create.