Many clients contact us through a referral from one of our existing customers or because they’ve seen our online reviews. We value that reputation and work tirelessly to maintain it.

When it comes to your landscape construction project, OHS is “building” a reputation in the industry. From small projects where we do quick garden or lawn installations, and ONE DAY LANDSCAPES, to COMPETE Property Makeovers with Interlock Patios, Walkways, grading, retaining wall construction, drainage corrections, and excavation work, our company has become synonymous with high quality, on time, and on budget installations.

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail. We’re meticulous and precise. We expect your landscape to stand the test of time.

So when the time comes to add a personal oasis in your back yard, we will be ready. We’ll take the time to understand and implement your design the way you want it! What began as an idea ends up with a workable process, time line, and budget. We’ll show you what we can do, how we do it, and when we start a project, we keep the lines of communication open from start to finish.

We work in tight areas, vast wide open spaces, and have the skills and the equipment available for small to large projects.

If you need a complete landscape renovation, installation or just want your lawn top dressed with fresh soil and seeding, let us know. Why not schedule a Free 15 Minute ON LINE or Phone Consultation OR book a low cost on site visit to talk about your project.

Trust OHS. Many have already.