Because we love everything to do with Landscaping, we are constantly learning about it. We share our experience with home owners and other specialists in the industry, and are constantly looking for new and better ways to efficiently and effectively provide our clients with the newest and best products and services on the market.

With many years of lawn, garden, and landscaping experience, we’ve come to understand the unique needs of our clients. We spend hours reading reference materials in the off season, developing relationships in the industry, attending lectures, and educating ourselves through both on line and off line pursuits.

Past memberships in gardening clubs and the Ontario Chapter of Master Gardeners has introduced us to a source of experienced, professional, and passionate people who share ideas, concepts, and experience.

If you’re interested in a team that has the Experience and the Know-How and the references to bring your project from conception to reality, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you have a question, concern, or just want to know “What the heck is this plant?” please Ask the Gardener through our on line inquiry form. We may not know everything Google does, but we can translate search results into plain language so you can understand it. We’re here to help.