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When it comes to all facets of a landscape design project, OHS is building a reputation in the area. From small projects where we do quick sketches and our client takes it from there, to the kind of work that Landscape Architects do, our company is becoming synonymous with high quality, on time and on budget designs and installations. We treat EVERY Project as though it were on our own properties.

When clients contact us, usually we’ve been referred to them by one of our existing customers. That speaks highly of the quality and dependability of our services. And we value that reputation.

So when the time comes to take that dream of increasing your home’s curb appeal, market value, or you just want to add a personal oasis in your back yard, we will be ready. We’ll take the time to develop a plan that starts with your ideas and ends up with a workable time line and budget. We’ll show you what we can do, how we do it, and when we start a project, we keep the lines of communication open from start to finish.

We can work in tight areas, vast wide open spaces and have the skills and the equipment available for small to large projects.

If you need a complete landscape renovation, installation or just need your lawn top dressed with fresh soil, vibrant grass seed and the care that goes into every project we do, let us know and we’ll schedule a Free 30 Minute Consultation to talk about your project.

Trust OHS. Many have already.