What the heck is that plant?


Consider this: According to the Royal Botanical Garden, there are over 7000 different Hosta varieties and 9000 grass varieties throughout the world. Perennial varietals and cultivars measure in the tens of thousands!!! Amazing stuff! It’s no wonder that the average weekend gardener gets overwhelmed! How to choose good varieties for your garden from such a diverse and voluminous selection? It’s quite simple really. Pick the ones you like, that grow in your plant zone, and when it comes to determining what’s already in your garden, lawn, or landscape, the OHS Team can help.

Take a digital photo, upload it Using our Simple Form with some information (How to reach you is important!) and we’ll either quickly identify the plant and\or consult with our diverse group of industry friends and get back to you with the name of the plant. Usually we’ll send some key information about the plant (It’s growth habit, where it does best, sun or shade likes) and how to best take care of it. We won’t say we can identify EVERY variety that’s out there, but we’ll happily help you get some idea about the type of plant it is.

If it’s in bloom, we’re pretty good about identifying it right away. If it’s noxious, invasive, or downright problematic, we’ll even help you identify ways to get it under control, or contain it. Sometimes the most beautiful plants are the most difficult to control. Just ask someone who has planted gout weed. We’re sure they’ll agree.

Stargazer yellow-plumeria-swirl PetuniaWhiteRay Brugmansia