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OHS designed, installed and maintained our gardens in our old house for years. When we bought land to build on, we knew where to turn to make our new estate lot beautiful. We only wish they would work just for us but our neighbours wanted help too... They're THAT GOOD!


Before we flip our investment properties, we ALWAYS call OHS. This crew knows Curb Appeal! Our ROI has increased since OHS became part of our strategy. Before you sell, get these guys in. You'll be glad you did!!!

Kevin and Lori, Guelph

Before I contacted Grant and his team, I could not grow a decent lawn. Since they removed the old lawn, spread new soil, and seeded it, I have the nicest lawn in the neighbourhood. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Delany

As one of the area's leading Professional firms, we need our property to look as professional and well cared for as possible.We have a reputation and always put our best foot forward with our clients, neighbouring businesses, and city facilities.OHS services are competitively priced, thorough, and top notch! Grant and his crew makes sure our grounds are as professional as we are! If you're a professional or corporate business, we recommend OHS Landscaping; this team delivers every time.

KC on our Professional Building

We work our A**es off each week and didn't have time to cut the grass or deal with our gardens. How lucky for us that we found Grant and his team! They take care of everything for us and now we have time to do the things that matter AND if we entertain, our property ALWAYS looks great!

D & W in Guelph

With 3 acres landscaped, we wanted someone to care for it as though it was their own. We've had OHS for almost 10 years. We couldn't be more pleased. We are complimented often. Thanks to Grant and his crew!

B and K

The attention to detail in the planning stages led to proper project expectations and the final outcome came in organized, on-time and on budget!

John Ball

OHS designed and installed a complete low maintenance landscape for us. Our maintenance is only 3 hours in the spring and fall. Now, we just enjoy watching the plants grow. If you're looking for easy, OHS can help!

Jenn and Dave, Brantford

We had OHS do our entire property makeover. We couldnt be more pleased with the quality , knowledge and attention to detail they showed us.

Kevin Martin

Every summer my lawn burned away to nothing. OHS suggested a low maintenance water wise landscape. It is the envy of our street. Easy to take care of and there is always colour. Much better!

Dan H.

Welcome to OHS Landscape Group!

I Don't have time but want a nice lawnPre-Season Bookings now available for 2017

REQUEST a QUOTE. From $125 per Month

Per Month on a Seasonal commitment

You work 40, 50 or more hours a week or travel often for business. You want a lawn that is cut, trimmed and “Looks like you spent hours working on it”. 

But you don’t have the time.

This Package includes everything you need so you can enjoy your free time, not spend hours caring for your lawn. 

Includes weekly lawn mowing, trimming, blowing of sidewalk and driveway. Monthly driveway and sidewalk edging included. Lawn clippings mulched or bagged. Your choice.

April 1 to October 31

7 monthly fees payable on the 15th of April to October, Inclusive.
Book before April 1, 2017 and we’ll HOLD the 2016 rates!

HST Extra

The ALL In PackageMost Popular

ASK about all inclusive pricing!

per season

Fertilizing and Maintenance, APRIL to OCTOBER? Sign me up!

This package is ideal for the Residential or Estate Property owner who wants to stand out in their neighbourhood. You care about your Home and how it looks. You want it to be healthy without the chemicals. Worry Free and Beautiful. This is your package. Catered to your property.

Includes early spring corn gluten application, late spring, mid summer and late fall application of Premium Organic Fertilizer.

Weekly lawn care from April 2017 to October 2017

Invoicing Each of  the 7 months, due on the 15th of each month.

Perfectly paired with our All In One Package, you get completely worry free seasonal  lawn and garden care for your entire property.

Almost too good to be true, Isn’t it?

I Don't have time to Garden PackageBook Now for 2017. These Packages book early and spaces are filling quickly.

From $275. Now THAT'S EASY!!!

Per Year or per Visit. YOUR Choice!

The “I don’t have time to garden” Package.

Includes by season:

Spring: Spring Lawn and Garden Checklist Review + Lawn and garden refuse clean up + seasonal garden pruning + Spring Hedge Pruning+ removal of over wintered leaves + Garden Fertilizer as needed

Early Summer: On Site Visit + Summer Lawn and Garden Assessment Checklist Review + Summer Hedge Trimming + CUT garden edging and fertilizing for a healthy,professional, Clean look, ALL Summer long

Late Summer: Fall Lawn and Garden Checklist Review + Dead head annuals, perennials, and seasonal garden pruning + Fall Hedge Pruning + Perennial Splitting + Garden Fertilizing!

Fall October Visit: Leaves raked, chopped and composted as required + Perennials cut back + spent annuals removed +Final Garden fertilizing !

Perfectly paired with the seasonal lawn care package with fertilizing for a worry and work free landscape.

Call us now to Pre-Book your Spring package!

HST Extra

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Are you looking for a complete property makeover from design to implementation or a simple low maintenance design that you can do yourself in a weekend or two? Click here. We are happy to help.

Perhaps you’re curious about water wise landscape design? If so, Click here. We’ve got you covered!

If you have a plan already and need a Landscape Contractor  to take your plan to installation and enjoyment, click here. We can work with Any design or plan you may have.

If you’re looking for Property Maintenance for your residential, industrial, or commercial property? Click here. We have the equipment and the manpower to handle ALL your lawn, garden and lot maintenance requirements.

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You can now order landscape materials right on line!! No need to email dozens of people from Kijiji or call Larry, Curly or Moe’s Landscape Supply. Simply click here and your mulch, soil, stone, and even plants (coming soon) can be ordered and paid for directly online, delivered to your home, and unloaded right onto your driveway. To view our aggregate materials, just follow this button. You’ll see the goods AND some applications, too.

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We make clients smile.

We make clients smile.

Making Landscaping Easy.

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Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces