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Retaining walls

Retaining walls and interlock are becoming commonplace in a variety of landscape designs. It seems more and more people are looking for ways to shore up a bank, create walks and pathways, and add value through the inclusion of a driveway that separates their home from the others in the neighbourhood. Through a partnership we have with a local supplier, we are now happy to offer a variety of materials to create a unique patio, wall, or surface using high end, durable concrete pavers and wall components.

This is not for the budget conscious homeowner. This material, while less expensive than it’s counterpart: REAL STONE, is very labour intensive to install correctly. And we strive to provide a surface that will stand the test of time. Your landscape is an investment in your home for the long term and using these materials boosts that investment.

Find out today how we can design, install, maintain AND repair your paving stone, interlock driveway or walk and build a retaining wall that will be there long after we’re gone.

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