Here’s the Contact Form List:

It’s true. We DO want to hear from you and we’ve set up the simple to use forms  (BELOW) for you to contact us. We promise to reply to you within 24 hours but will, in most cases, reply to you within the hour. We think it’s important to reply and polite to do so. Thank our Mothers for us being the way we are. No. REALLY! Thank our Moms!

These forms will open in a separate window, so you can go back to the site and browse through the vast amount of information we provide.

To Ask The Gardener a question or to send feedback and images to us, CLICK HERE

To arrange a No Obligation, completely free, 30 Minute Consultation to talk about your project, your lawn, or anything landscape and curb appeal related, CLICK HERE

To request a Quote for Our Services or for Landscape Materials we do or do not list on our site, including plants, trees, shrubs, (We can get you ANY PLANT that grows in our general area) and even giant boulders,  CLICK HERE

To request a Quote for a large quantity of stone, mulch, soil, armor rock, flagstone, or Pavers and Interlock, CLICK HERE

And if you just want to call us… here’s the number: 226-792-8018

Thank you!

The Fine Print

We respect your privacy and your information will remain completely confidential and used only for the purpose YOU indicated. But we would like you to sign up for our newsletter when we launch that page. That would be cool. But we’ll ask first and you can always say no. We are OK with that. Honestly.

Unless you’re a spammer, that is. In which case, we’ll send your information to the new Canadian Anti Spam Department of the CRTC. They aren’t nearly as nice as we are. We’ll also ban you forever from contacting us, sending emails, and filling our emails with stuff that we’re not even remotely interested in. And just to be sure you understand: we’ll completely ignore you. Forever.