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OHS Landscape Group Appears at 2019 KW Home and Garden Show

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Join OHS Landscape Group and other creative Landscaping Companies at this annual event!
GET FREE ADVICE about Patios, Pools, Whole Property Garden Design, Deck and Fence Construction and more at this annual 3 day event.
March 29 – 31 at The Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex.

Always Friendly, we’re happy to answer any of your garden or landscape questions.
Find us at Booth B328

2018 KW Home & Garden Show! March 23-25, 2018

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 The 2018 KW Home and Garden Show is coming!

“Over the past 30 years (it’s) proven to be the most successful and popular home show in the region. The spring KW Home & Garden Show sells out annually and is a testament to the popularity of the show with exhibitors and visitors alike.” (Show History)

It’s an annual event and OHS will be there again this year!  If last year was any indication, it’s going to be a GREAT show! Hundreds of Vendors, and thousands of Visitors!

Come and visit us at Booth B328 in the Kiwanas Building. We’d love for you join us at the show and we’re GIVING AWAY 2 adult passes to the first TEN Homeowners who schedule a FREE Winter Landscape Design Consultation! 

That’s right… FREE ADVICE and FREE TICKETS to the show!

Give us a call, or Schedule your Free Consultation Now.


Booth B328 KW Home and Garden Show

Join us at the 2017 KW Home and Garden Show!

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March 31-April 2, 2017

Stop by and see us at Booth 328, enter our free draws for a $100.00 gas card or a FREE Digital Photo Rendering ($250.00 value)!!!

Like us on Facebook and relieve a discount up to $100.00 on any project booked during the show!

We hope you’re as proud as we are to have our sign on your front lawn!

See you at the Show!

Curb appeal and Water wise? Is it possible?

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Location: T.B. Costain School / S.C. Johnson Community Centre

Date: Tuesday, March 13th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm


No one will suspect that your eye-catching front yard requires so little water. Increase your curb appeal by employing design considerations that leave your neighbours envious! Also learn how to use suitable, attractive native and not so native plants that require less water, less time and minimal maintenance while further increasing bio-diversity and curb appeal.


It is possible. Come and find out how.

Registration is closed, but walk ins are welcome!


Learn about Curb Appeal at Canada Blooms!

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Curb Appeal

What is it?

How can you increase it?

Are there landscape techniques you can use to change it?

Curb appeal is about the way people view your home whether your selling or not. In ANY real estate market, buyers will drive past a home that looks tired, cluttered, unkempt, or run down on the outside. They won’t even take a step inside or call the listing agent if they don’t like what they see. Simple to do, easy to afford, and a lot of bang for your buck, landscaping changes and curb appeal make all the difference. It attracts buyers, offers, and for those not selling, satisfaction about the way your home looks

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Find out what you can do about it:

Friday March 23, 2012,  at 11:00 am Room 105

International Home Show and Canada Blooms

Outdoor Home Staging garden

Reach for the Treetops!

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Have you ever wanted to watch Master Gardeners compete in a fun and entertaining way? We’re not talking who has the nicest gardener or who gave out the best advice at the free clinics we’re always holding. This is about fun.

See if you can stump the master gardeners at this Years Canada Blooms. Watch as they’re challenged by people even smarter than they are, who can ask some very unique questions.

Think Reach for The Top (from the 1970s) and you’re on the right track.

See you there, Sunday March 18th and 25th at Canada Blooms.


Canada Blooms

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Come and see Grant at Canada Blooms, March 23rd at 11:00 am in the Master Gardeners Lecture series.

The topic for this years presentation is : Increasing Curb Appeal using various landscaping techniques.

Please come and enjoy the presentation. It will be filled with images of successful installations, beautiful gardens, patios, and all things curb appeal.

Admission to the presentation is free with your Canada Blooms entry fee.

Click here for more details:


The warm days of winter?

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Winter.  Many dislike the ongoing white bleak landscape outside our windows. Here’s the thing; Perennials, shrubs, lawns, and trees NEED a deep snow cover to keep them insulated over the cruel Canadian Winter.

Insulation is vital for root bound plants to maintain their strength and show vibrant growth, produce blooms and to stay warm.  With a winter like we’ve experienced in southern Ontario this year, a continual freeze thaw and above seasonal temperatures there are likely signs in your garden of heaving plants. Those planted during the late fall normally don’t have an opportunity to set roots before the cold season began. In any normal transition from fall to winter, plants go to sleep. This year however, and you may have seen it in your gardens, the ground didn’t really freeze or have any snow cover until late in December.  So a mild fall may have given roots time to grab hold of the surrounding soil. Maybe. We won’t really know until spring.

Bulbs especially need the cold temperatures. It leads to autumn dormancy. Upon receiving the early spring warmth, they convert the built up energy and burst forth with growth and reliable spring blooms.

Those of you who left last years’ plant material in your garden will be looking to remove the refuse in the spring. Be especially careful this year as likely, shoots will have started and be close to, or at, the surface. Rake very gently this year. If you did remove the spent stems, leaves etc from your garden, without mulching may face an abnormal number of plants that will not perform as well as normal this year. How could they? They’ve been shivering all winter being exposed to the elements.

Things to think about this spring:

–          For plants that have heaved due to frequent freeze thaw cycles require special attention. When the soil thaws, gently press the plants down to soil level to ensure roots have contact with the soil. Mulch around these plants with decomposed leaves or a healthy covering of compost. Mulch will help to hold the plant in place.

–          For plants placed in beds late last year: Monitor their growth habits and if they have dies, remove them from your beds.

–          Mulch and Compost are even more essential this year. Be generous with the covering in early spring.